Thursday, October 17, 2013

Do not neglect your Hallway – Simple ways to adore Hallway

Hallway is an important part of any home but often the most neglected. It connects living and sleeping spaces to the exterior of a home. So adore it in a way that it looks like more as a part of your home rather than just a space.

How to plan a hallway décor?
Work on layout: Though you cannot change the entire layout of your hallway as this is an expensive way of doing it and moreover it should be done while making a home. But there is another yet a simple way to work on the layout of the hallway. It is the things that you want to keep and things that you want to remove for a perfect look. As hallway is a busy place especially in the morning when everyone uses it so better to keep it simple.

First of all look for the storage space in the hallway that you have missed. You can keep the cupboard and use its shelf for display.

Pick the right color: Some hallways get enough natural light but some looks like dark spaces in the home. Use the shades that give light feel to the dark space and appear to stretch the space. For larger halls, and period homes, you might want to opt for a traditional paint range and a darker colourway like a stately green or rich red.

Some of the hallways look more like a corridor. But by smartly using the color you can change the look. Use light colors on the long walls and a darker on far walls. This will make your space to appear wider.

How to decorate a hallway? 

 Pictures on the wall
To give your hallway a designer look you can add pictures on the barren walls. Match the images to the theme of your home that can be traditional, contemporary, mixed etc. You can also put family photos in different frames, color and sizes.

Use your hallway as an extra storage space and display.

Pendant lighting
Hallway lighting is often forgotten, but as you'll probably be coming home in the dark for many months of the year, and passing through the space each evening, it's worth thinking about carefully.

Hallways generally do not have windows for natural light. So placing pendant lighting on the ceiling would be the best option to adore hallway. It will not only add a flair to the whole space but will also add light.

Don't forget to think about whether you want picture lights to show off your art, as well as a table lamp on a console or side table to create a softer pool of illumination.

Wall decals and murals come in all sorts of customizable options, and they're often more affordable than wallpaper.

Some avid readers can never have enough room for books. Extend a library out to the hallway to create extra display space for beloved books. Whether built-in or purchased, bookcases can add a functional and aesthetic element to wider hallways.

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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Window treatment or Curtain trends for Spring 2013

Well we all know spring is around the corner. We would be seeing beautiful colors all around then why not add colors inside your home too? If you are one of those who love to do interior makeovers according to the season, then it’s the right time you jump into spring colors to give a complete makeover to you home.
And for those who want to make a little change keeping in mind the spring season, there’s one way you can be feel the colors inside you home is by giving a new look to your windows by adding beautiful colored curtains.

I personally like lot of light in my house. So I would go for a curtain that has see through look with touch of beautiful lime color which definitely is a spring color to look for.

Another color that would really brighten up your room is tangerine. Check out this beautiful tangerine curtain from PJC home supplies.

You can also go for floral pattern which has bleand of all beautiful spring colors incorporated onto a off white background . This curtain is certainly in talks this spring season. This beautiful curtain is available at

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