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Bedroom Vastu Tips - Bedroom Vastu Guide

Bedroom is the most important room as per Vastu Shastra. If you have placed verything in the bedroom according to Vastu then you will have an immensely peaceful and tranquil life that one really needs at the end of the day.

Do not hang any picture depicting violence or bad in bedroom. Try to have bedroom either in square or rectangular shape. While sleeping cover mirror, TV or any reflecting screen. Sleep with your head towards south.

As per vastu color of your bedroom should be light and very soothing. Do not use bold or bright color as these will disturb you. You can paint your bedroom in light pink, blue, soothing green. Avoid painting it in black, red, orange, bright yellow or complete white color.

Vastu Bedroom Location
According to Vastu, the most auspicious location of bedroom in a house the southwest corner. Do not build bedroom in North-East, East or North, as it brings health and financial problems to the owner of the home.

Directions for Bedroom
North direction of bedroom is the best for young couples, for storing wealth and important papers.

North East direction should not have bedroom as this is the direction for sacred things.

East bedroom direction is ideal for unmarried children.

South East bedroom direction is not recommended as per vaastu as this is the fire quadrant. If you have master bedroom in this direction then it can lead to quarrels among couple. But it is an unavoidable direction then do not place the bed in south east direction as this will further enhance the fire element.

South or South West Direction
for master bedroom is ideal for bedroom.

Master Bedroom – in Southern part of home. In case of muti-storey house the master bedroom should be in the south-west direction on the top floor.

West bedroom direction is ideal for students.

More on Bedroom Vastu
North West bedroom direction is ideal for newly wedded couple and for teenage girl

Master bedroom is the main bedroom of the home and occupied either by the owner of the home or the eldest son in the family.

Never construct bedroom above the porch or kitchen.

If you want to have an attached bathroom with bedroom, then as per vastu the bathroom should either be in north-west or south-east of bedroom.

Doors and Windows in Bedroom
Doors and windows in bedroom according to vastu should either be in East or North direction.

Location of Bed
Try to place a good quality wooden bed instead of a metal bed in bedroom according to vastu. 

Also never place bed below the beam if you have one in your bedroom.

Foot of the bed should face the north direction and should not face the door.

Also do not place the bed just touching the wall. It should be at 2-3 inches distance from the wall.

Location of Almirah
Almirah should be placed in the south-west corner of the room that opens towards north. Do not place it in north-east, south-east, south-west, north-west corners of the room. And also avoid east and north directions of the room for placing almirah.

Electronic Appliances in Bedroom
As per vastu do not keep or place any electronic appliance in bedroom. But if you want to place television in your bedroom then it should be placed in south-east direction.

Do not place it in front of the bed. If it is then do cover it at night before going to bed.


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