Monday, April 11, 2011

Vastu Tips For Living Room – Vastu Guide

Vastu Tips for Living Room
Living room, main room or drawing room is considered very important by vastu as living room is used by the entire family for discussions, eating food and watching TV. So it is more like a family room. Hence it should have all the positive energy so that you and your family can live a happy life.

Vastu tips for Location of Living Room
Location of living room as per vastu should be either east or in north direction or it should be in northeast direction of the home.
 If your house is facing east and north direction then the living room should be in northeast direction.
For west facing home it should be in northwest direction and for south facing home the living room should face the southeast direction.  
But if by any chance you are not able to get these directions for living room then make sure to give the seating place an exact direction. The owner of the home if sitting in the living room should always face the east or north direction. Other members of the family or the guest can sit just in front of the owner or at the side of the owner as per vastu for living room.

More Vastu tips for Living Room
Placement of Furniture in the Living Room
Place the long sofa towards east side and sofa chairs towards west side.
Heavy furniture should be placed in south or west direction.

Rectangular furniture is considered good as per vastu for living room in contrast to oval, square or other such shapes.
Place telephone to the south , west side walls.
If you want to place TV in living room then according to vastu tips for living room it should be placed in southeast direction. Avoid north-east or south-west corner of living room for placing TV.

Vastu Tips for Living Room Color

Color of the living room should be yellow, blue, green or white as these are naturally very soothing color. You can use other light colors as well. But vastu prohibits the use of dark color in living room.
Which Type of Painting you Can Place in the Living Room?
Anything that soothes the mind and body is considered good according to vastu and same pleasant feeling comes when we see nice painting. So you should place painting of waterfall, rising Sun, for a positive feeling. Avoid the painting showing fight, death or other such negative energies.
Which type of Light you can Use in Living Room according to Vastu?
While placing the chandelier in the living room make sure that it is slightly towards west rather than in the center of the living room.  Any light you place in the living room should be bright.
Living Room Doors and Windows
The most auspicious direction for doors in the living room according to vastu is either east or north.  Do not place the picture of God in the living room and also in the entrance door.
Living room windows should be in east and north direction.


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