Thursday, May 5, 2011

Top Color Decor Myths

Color is just a perfect way to express your emotions, style and personality. Type of color you like is reflected in your personality such as an inclination towards red color means that you are quiet a passionate person but on the other hand if you love white color then it means that you are a peace loving person. So color reflects a lot. If colors effect us so much then why most of us shy away from using and experimenting the colors at home. Why not to go with red, yellow and bright walls, why not to experiment with contrasting color.

So let us see what can be done for color decor and what are the color decor myths.

Dark Color Always Leads to Shrinking of Space
All of us know that use of dark color would lead to the compactness of the space and light color creates more spaciousness. But this is not true in every case. Dark color can sometimes impart more visual volume to the wall where you are using it. But while using dark color you have to pay attention to the visual weight. On the other hand if the dark color is giving small feel then it also gives the feeling of coziness.

Single Color in the Entire House
There is no hard and fast rule to give your entire home a single color. Play with the colors and paint each room of your home in a different color. You can have one theme or different theme. In this case you need to work on the togetherness of the color. Use color wheel to select the color for you home and its room. Each hue should have a relationship with each other to give a harmonized look. Even contrasting color sometimes give a great effect as they bring out each other's beauty. Try having bold turquoise with deep red-orange or other such combination.

Bold Colors are Always Loud
No this is not true in every case if you will balance them with other soothing color in the room.

Use bold color with light color and feel the difference.

Off White, White and Beige are Neutral Color
Yes these are, but these are not the only neutral color we have. You can actually use any color as a neutral color it just depends upon how you are using it. In this case super bright hue are exceptions as these cannot be used as neutral colors.

So now know that with the clever use of color you can actually enhance the interiors of your home.

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