Monday, October 8, 2012

How to organize your closet: Do it yourself Scarf/Necklace holder

Closet is a place where a woman spends a lot of her time. That includes more time staring at the clothes and deciding what to wear and less time organizing it. Sometimes you would overlook a piece of cloth lying at the end of the pile with the simple rule “out of sight~ out of mind”. So give your clothes a breakout so every piece in your closet gets a chance to be used.
Organizing a closet is not heck of a job. How you organize your closet will totally depends upon the availability of space, amount of stuff you have and your lifestyle.

In this article we’ll be providing a solution for hanging your scarves or necklaces at a better visible place. There are many scarf hangers available in the market. But we would be focusing on making our own with simple materials available.

For making a scarf hanger you will need:

1.      A sturdy Cloth hanger : Pick up an unused sturdy cloth hanger. I would prefer taking a velvet no slip hanger so that the rings won’t slip in with each other.

2.      Shower curtain rings: Pick a bunch of shower curtain rings. The number of rings depends how many scarves or pieces of necklaces you have. Also you would not like to clutter everything on one hanger. So use 2 or more hangers for more stuff. You can pick the shape, style, color of the curtain rings depending upon your taste. We used the clear ones.

Now clip on the curtain rings on the hanger rod and your scarf/ necklace hanger is ready.

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Monday, October 1, 2012

Decorate your Bedroom : The PINK way

Pink colors for the room varies from pastel pinks to the brightest fuchsias. Pink color was used to be associated with little girls only but now a days people are bringing pink color to their bedrooms which makes its elegant, sophisticated and romantic. A pastel pink color could add a serene to your bedroom where as fuchsia pink can create an element of surprise to your bedroom. If you are planning to use a pink color theme for your bedroom, then you have to have all the details beforehand so that you don’t end up with mismatched assortment of pink shades. There are many ways to decorate a bedroom with pink color.

Pink on walls: First of all if you have decided to paint your bedroom walls pink. Pick up the color swatches in pink and choose the right color tones that will go on walls. In case you do not want to color the walls in pink then read below.

Pink Color Combinations
Pink color goes well with many colors such as white, pale yellow, brown, green and blue

Pink with Black: Fuchsia color combined with black and white creates a very modern and contemporary looking bedroom. Bright pink painted walls gives a definition to the room.

                                                    Image source: HGTV

Pink with white: Pale pink used with white can bring serenity and elegance to a room. It makes the room very romantic.

Pink with Yellow

                                                   Image Source:

Pink with Blue
                                                        Image Source:

Pink with Red
                                                                Image Source:

Pink with Green
                                                                       Image Source:
If you do not want pink to overpower the bedroom and yet you want to use this color then go with dusky pink. Use lots of white with it to give a fresh and smart look.

Accessorize with Pink: It’s not always necessary to paint the walls pink to have a pink bedroom. You can accessorize the neutral bedroom using pink curtains, pink bed sheets, pink area rug to give a neutral painted bedroom a tint of pink color.You can decorate with bright pink accents and accessories such as throw pillows, candleholders and side chairs that add charm and class to a simple space, which adds energy to a dull neutral room.

Significance of Pink Color Bedroom
Colors inspires us and set an atmosphere in room or at home. As per Vastu pink color is related to happiness, joy and romance. Also pink is considered as the most auspicious color. So the walls of the master bedroom can have pink color. Also according to Vastu, if your room is located in the South or South east corner then it should be painted in pink color.

Feng Shui
As per Feng Shui if you love certain colors then it is an excellent idea to surround yourself with that color. But also there are certain rules for picking Feng Shui color for bedroom. First of all the bedroom color should bring in the strong positive energy to relax.  Red, pink and purple colors are recommended for bedroom.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Beautiful one stroke painting for making flower

Beautiful one stroke painting for making flower

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Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Home Decoration Ideas and Tips

Seasonal decoration refreshen up the mood, enhance the appeal and give your home a style statement as well. Be it a summer or winter, anything do according to the season for sure brings in the most welcome change. So be ready to know some of the best summer home decoration ideas and tips

Summer Home Decoration Ideas

Remove Clutter
Best way to start the summer decoration is the removal of clutter. If you have those unwanted material either inside or outside the home then get rid of those immediately. Try giving simple and bare look. This will allow the air to move freely in your sweet home. Also if you have some bulky wall hanging that are not part of your decoration style then remove these and pack these for the winters.

Light colored Furnishings with Bold Print

You prefer to wear light colored clothes during summer or clothes that have some lime color in it. So do not limit this to your wardrobe but try giving your home the same color this summer. If you are going to shop for the home furnishings like cushion covers, bed sheets or bed covers then try buying the light colored furnishing. Light color beat the heat of the summer to some extent as these looks very soothing to the eyes. Also if you like then buy the bold prints on light background preferably made from organic material.

Preferable colors for summer home decoration can be - lime, light blue, lime green, soft yellow, light pink, light mauve, lighter shades or orange

Summer fabric: Bamboo, jute, cotton, organic cotton, linen

Curtains and Windows
Curtains and windows play a major role in the home decor not only in summer but in every season, festival and occasion. Bamboo is the perfect material for windows during summer. Look for the fabric that is heavy to cut down the sunlight. Use blinds outside the windows rather than inside during summer to lessen the heating effect.

Get in Pillows
Throw in some colorful pillows on your bedroom, living room couch or even you can buy the floor cushions. You will feel a complete new look with this. This is one of the best summer home decoration ideas.

Pick Up the Carpet
If you have carpets in your home them pack these for winters and no to these for this summer.

Indoor Plants
Indoor plants is one of the best ways to decorate home during summer. It is going natural with plants for a cool and pleasant look. If you do not know which plant you can place inside your home then have a look here on the list of Indoor Plants.

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Go Green with Indoor Plants

Go green is a real mantra of a healthy life and if you want to live with this mantra then you can pick the indoor plant. The indoor plants will solve two purposes- one these will give you a clean and green environment and secondly these will freshen up the whole space.

As we all know that all the plants stay and flourish well in their natural habitat and if you will try growing them in an artificial atmosphere then the plants have to struggle a lot. So you have to be very careful while selecting the indoor plants so that they can bloom. Check out some of the plants you can keep inside your home.

Rex Begonia or Leaf Begonia

Rex Begonia,  the king of begonias is at number one position in the list of house plants as its velvety leaves, color and natural marking on the leaves is just amazing. The silvery hue appears pink or green in different light. Begonia needs filtered sunlight in plenty to grow. Also the optimum temperature for the growth is 18° to 23°C. Begonia also requires moist and fresh air. Do not keep them wet as very susceptible to rot also fertilize occasionally through summer and spring.


Colorful foliage of the caladium plant is the reason for keeping it as indoor plants. Caladium are delicate plants that cannot withstand too low temperature. So you cannot keep them in air conditioned room. These requires warm sunlight and temperature above 20°C. Never keep the soil wet but keep it moist with extra humus. It propagates by dividing tubers.  Caladiums go dormant in fall and winter. At the end of summer, gradually reduce watering until foliage withers and dies down.

Calathea crocata

Calathea is native to Brazil and a tropical plant. There are about 150 varities of Calathea. Though these are grown for the foliage but Calathea bear very bright and beautiful flowers, if given proper conditions. To grow the plant requires an even temperature throughout the year. You can grow it as indoor plant but  maintain good level of humidity around the leaves. Partial shaded position is ideal for the growth of Calathea. Keep this plant close to window and keep it little away from window during winter as tropical plants cannot withstand cold. Know more abot Calathea

Chlorophytum or Spider Plant

This is one of the most favorite plants in the category of indoor plants for home décor. The plant has an ability to reproduce itself so there will be no shortage of the Spider plant. The Spider plant will also detoxify your interior so considered as a very good air freshener.

Codiaeum (Croton)

There are various types of crotons. Each variety differ in the color, shape, size and marking of the foliage. Under unsatisfactory conditions they drop their leaves. Croton requires bright sunlight, warm and constant temperature  of 23° to 29°C. Keep the soil evenly moist.


This plant is a cross between hedera (ivy) and fatsia. It is actually a climber. Pruning encourages side growth. Grow in low to moderate daylight; cool temperatures 15° to 20°C; moderate humidity. Pot in standard potting soil with extra organic matter; let dry between waterings. Propagate from stem cuttings.


Small plant that requires high humidity and young plants are attractive than the old plants. Grow to low to moderate daylight; warmth 23° to 29°C; high humidity.

If you are looking for an indoor plant to be kept in hanging basket then look no other than the beautiful  fuchsia. Grow in diffused sunlight; fairly cool temperatures. Propagate from stem cuttings in warmth.

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Monday, April 23, 2012

Useful Home Decor Tips

What are Routeless Blinds?
Routeless blinds unlike conventional standard blinds do not have holes in the slates to pass the thread. Instead of holes, the routless blinds have tiny notches at the back of each slat. The notch is actually a replacement of small holes in the routed blinds. Routeless blinds can seal more tightly thus do not allow Sunlight to pass through them. Also due to this, the routeless blinds offer more privacy.

But on the other hand as the slats from these blinds can be removed easily so not recommended if you have kids at home.

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Thursday, March 29, 2012

Window Treatment Through Blinds– Buying Guide for Window Blinds

When it comes to window treatment then blinds and shades are the first thing that comes to our minds especially during summer. Now before proceeding further on style and types of these blinds let us first quickly discover what these are.

Blinds: These are not a single piece of fabric but consist of slats which are also known as louvers. You can rotate the louvers to control the light. Also even when the blinds are completely lowered some light still comes through. 
Shades: Unlike blinds, shades are made from a single piece of material without movable slats. You can move the shade up and down.

How to decorate windows with blinds?
Type of Material for Blinds
Wood Blind: If you are looking for a change which is warm and alternative to your modern home décor then wood blind is an option for the same. To give more appeal, decorative fabric tape is also given around the wood blind. You can use these window blinds in your living room or bedroom.

Faux Wood Blinds: As the name suggests faux wood blinds are not made from real wood but from vinyl or combination of wood and vinyl and look like wood. The price of these is less than the wooden blinds but look and feel is similar to that. Also as the faux wood blinds are made from synthetic material so it is not hard to maintain these blinds. Because of such features these are extensively used in bathrooms and garages. Also these are perfect for kitchen.

Aluminum Blinds:  Next option for you while selecting the material can be aluminum. The gauge of aluminum used define the usability of the blind. For more durable blinds buy the blinds that are made from 6 or 8 gauge aluminum. If you are buying blinds for your kids room then prefer buying 8 gauge aluminum blind as these are highly durable.

Fabric : Fabric blinds are very light and quiet easy to maintain. Fabric used is first treated and then hardened. Some are even given wipe-clean version. You have variety of fabric and color to choose from. Buy fabric as per the objective of blind. Buy thick fabric if you want to block Sunlight or need extra privacy, go with colorful floral prints for decoration purposes,

Solar : A new way to block UV rays from Sun. In warm areas of the country where you need AC on regular basis, there you can use the solar blinds as these block UV rays and helps in maintaining the room temperature even without AC. That further helps in reducing your electricity bill. Solar blinds filter light in and thus allows only Sunlight without heating and UV rays. Thus you can have both comfort and look with solar blinds.

Then you can also buy the Cellular Screens and Stiffened Plastic Blinds

Types of Window Blinds

Vertical Blinds or Track Blinds
If you are looking window blinds for a large window or sliding door then opt for vertical blinds that are also known as track blinds. In this the slats are positioned vertically. Give your home a perfect interior with vertical blinds.

Roller Blinds
The most useful among all types of window blinds is the roller blind that is just perfect to be used for your office space at home or even the bedroom as these restricts the morning light. Most of the roller blinds are made from plastic

Roman Blinds
Roman blinds are quiet similar to roller blinds as these can also be moved up and down.

Venetian Blinds
In venetian blinds, horizontal slats are given one above each other.The hanging slats are suspended by a chord or strips of cloth and can be rotated to nearly 180 degrees to allow in light as required. As the slats can be closed completely, they are perfect for use in bathrooms and washrooms. Venetian blind are available in a variety of materials such as metal, wood, plastic and more. Venetian blinds are ideal for those who are looking for stylish and effective window coverings.
Woven Wood Blinds: To make woven wood blinds bamboo and other natural material is used. This material is weaved and does eliminate all the natural light from entering the room.

More Options
Blinds come as routless (without holes), cordless, cord loop, cloth tapes and as motorized.

Routed Blind: it has hole in each blind slat to pass the lift cord.

Routless Blind or No hole blind: There is no hole in each of the slat which means that these types of blinds provide more privacy and light blockage.  If you are looking for blinds for your kids room then prefer the routed blinds than routless blinds for window treatment.

Brands:, Bali, Graber, Laura Ashley

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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Step-by- Step Guide for a Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom is your den and a place to relax so it has to be perfect and reflects your personal taste. There are many things, which need to be kept in mind while designing a bedroom to make it perfect.

First Step
Find the Focal Point: Before initiating the bedroom décor you have to find the focal point of the room, which is generally the wall. Now if your space allows then place the bed beside that wall. You can then further decorate that wall by keeping in mind the color, interior decoration theme, with wall art, painting, texture paint, fabric wall décor etc.

Second Step

Bedroom Furniture: For a perfect bedroom it is necessary to have just a perfect furniture. Pick the bed according to the theme you want to follow. If not this then simply follow your heart while selecting it. Check if you like wooden or wrought iron bed. If wooden, then whether you want to go with dark or light wood. Should the bed have a large or simple headboard. After solving all these thoughts buy a perfect bed.

Place the bed and see if you have a space for the bedside table or end tables. Although small, end tables and bedside tables often leave a large footprint on a room. These really give an extra touch to the entire bedroom, as you can place a lamp, flower vase or any other article of decoration on that. Also there is an option of placing a console along the side of the bed if you do not like the end table with drawers.

Next thing that you can place in your bedroom is wardrobe. Wardrobe looks elegant if you buy it according to your bed. Do not buy too bulky bedroom almirah if your bedroom space is less.

In most of the homes, TV or LCD is places in the bedroom. So if you are one of those then you have to think about decorating that area of the bedroom as well, as it demands furniture. If you are placing the LCD on the wall then below that you can simply install glass shelves that looks so elegant. Also you can place a wooden table under the LCD area.

Learn about more bedroom accessories 

Check out Vastu Guidelines for placing the bedroom furniture

Third Step
Bedroom Wall Color and Wall Décor

Selecting the bedroom color is a big task that has to be done wisely. You will see many images and suggestions on bedroom color, but before selecting any color theme from the image give answer to few questions. Like Is your bedroom size is same as that shown in picture, Is your bedroom getting proper sunlight, are you buying the same color of furniture and so on. So once you are through with these go for the selection of bedroom color. For your reference you can also read our post on bedroom colors
  • Pink: For romance and joy
  • Yellow: For wisdom
  • Blue: For growth, peace and calmness
  • Orange: For power and energy
  • Purple: For faith
  • White: For Intensity
  • Green: For hope

Wall Décor

After completing the task of coloring find out articles for wall décor. One easy way is to give texture painting to one of the wall especially on the wall behind the bed.

Then you can buy a wall clock, wall murals, wall paintings, etc to decorate the wall further. But do not over do anything as less is more in the world of interior decoration.

Fourth Step
Selecting the Perfect Bedroom Furnishing
Once you are through with all the above step, here comes the turn of the most awaiting and final step that is the selection and buying of bedroom furnishing that involves bedsheet, bedcovers, pillow and pillow covers, rug or bedroom carpet and curtains.

Hope this article will help you in decorating your bedroom

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