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How to Decorate Staircase during Christmas?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when everyone is in festive mood. So bring your home to this festive spirit as well do the Christmas decoration. If your home has staircase then it is important to decorate these as also as the staircase if decorated properly can add loveliness to the whole home.
We here are giving some ideas to decorate staircase during Christmas. Hope you will find these easy to use and interesting:

Fabric, light and Flowers
Best way to decorate staircase is to use satin fabric or organza fabric of Christmas color theme, lights and flowers. Make the swirls of the fabric and above that add lights and flowers.

Ornaments and Ribbons
Another way to decorate stairways during Christmas is to use beautiful bright colored ribbons and Christmas ornaments. You can hang balls, decorative material, sparkles at the stairways.

Door Swags
Door swags is another very nice option to be used on staircase to decorate it. Buy same size and color of door swags and hang them at equal distance at staircase. 

Bow and Wreath

Potted Plants
If your staircase is wide enough then you can place potted plant to decorate it. Along with potted plant you can also place items of decoration like greenery, small Christmas tree, gifts, bows etc.

Garland to Decorate Staircase 
Pick the fir garland either real or fake and use it on the staircase. Real one has the fragrance of pine that increases the festive mood whereas the fake on can be used in the next season as well. Choice is entirely yours. Hang the garland at equal distance. Amazon and ebay has huge range of garland for Christmas. 

String Craneberries and Pine
Pick the string craneberries, popcorn and pine for the decoration of stairways. Paint the tip of the pine cone to make these more presentable for decoration. Fasten these with greenery at the stairways with ribbon by making its bow. 

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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Top 5 Color Schemes for Living Room - Best Color Combination

What does a living room mean to you? A place to spend time with family and guest or a warm place or a room to welcome the guest or a place that displays your interests and taste. I think it should be the combination of all , feeling plus your taste.
Apart from living room furniture, all that wall art and expensive decor items, color can bring out all you want instantly. Here we are going to discuss some of the best living room color schemes. Hope you will like these and these color schemes will help you in painting your room.

Turquoise + Jade Green + Yellow Green
If you are a person who wants to live in sophistication then this combination will suite your taste. All these colors are neither too bright nor too dull and mix each other very well. You can use three colors on different things in the living room. Put jade green on walls, hang turquoise curtain and use yellow green in the living room furnishing items.

All Shades of Brown

May be sounding bit boring but actually this color scheme for living room works very well. All you have to do is to take care not of overdoing any particular tone of the brown shade. Keep in mind the end result you want to create with this color. Do you want dark color scheme for living room or bright and light.
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Green and Light Yellow

If you like bright colors then this color combination for living room is made for you. You can give one wall a yellow color and the rest green. Moreover green is the color that gives rest to your eyes and yellow gives you the required energy and freshness. This combination of colors for living room is best for the winters and warm also.

Blue and Brown Colors for Living Room

Have you though about these colors for living room. I would say use this cooler side of blue and brown color combination in summer as both are very cool colors. But on the other hand you can ue bit bright blue for winters though the overall impact will be cool. But if you want to go with this color combination for living room then use blue and use brown color for furnishing.

Dark Grey and Purple

If you want to give living room a sophisticated look then use the combination of dark grey and purple.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Home Decoration with Christmas Rugs

Have you started preparing for Christmas? Are you planning on how to go about for Christmas home decoration this season. Here I am sharing one idea with you. If you want to give festive touch to your home, then Christmas Rugs are the best option. You can place the rugs at any place you want, be it your doorway, home entrance, in front of Christmas Tree, all can be decorated with beautiful Christmas rugs.

These rugs have artworks and motifs related to the season like snowman, santa claus, reindeer, snow, bells, christmas tree, including messages like Merry Christmas, Merry X-Mas etc.

From Where to Buy
Nextag: Nextag has a very good collection of Christmas rugs. It has the collection from all the brands like SHAW, Fan Mats, CAPEL, Garnet Hill, Geo etc. Bring the hand tufted or machine made rugs to brighten up this season. Along with brands and styles there is no limit to price, sizes and variations of Christmas Rugs with Nextag.
The Home Depot
Then you can check the The Home Depot for superb collection of  Christmas Rugs.
Touch of Class: Another place from where you can buy the Christmas Rugs is the Touch of Class.

Milliken Winter Santa Deer Christmas Rug Size: 5'4" x 7'8"

Milliken Bringing winter and holiday cheer to your home, Milliken has designed yet another unique collection to brighten up this season.

Amazon: Amazon is the another online store that has huge collection of Christmas Rugs

Wayfair: Wayfair has has a very nice collection of Christmas Rugs. Most of their holidays rugs are on sale so you can actually get very nice deals on rugs their.

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Sunday, November 13, 2011

Best Way to Utilize Space Under Stairs

Big or small, the space under stairs if utilized properly can change the feel of the entire space. Generally in most of the homes the space under stairs is used for keeping unwanted things, which results in a cluttered space. But believe me you can convert the space under stairs very well t make it a part of your home.

Book Shelves Under Stair
Under stair shelving is the most common way to utilize under stair space.

Your Work Station
If you have enough space then you can also make work station under the stairs

Study Space Under Stair

Beautiful Bedding

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Saturday, November 5, 2011

Study Room Vastu Tips - Decorating Study Room to Increase Concentration

If you have kids at home who are studying then you must always be thinking of what to do to increase their concentration. Although diet and other factors like exercise and daily routine play a major role in enhancing the concentration but there is one more perspective to this, which is “the placement of furniture and items in the study room” to increase the concentration. These guidelines are according to the Study Room Vastu.

Quick Study Room Vastu Tips to Increase Concentration
  1. Always face North or East direction while studying as it helps in increasing the concentration.
  2. To maintain the concentration keep the glass of water with you while studying
  3. Keep your study room clutter free and tidy as this will allow more positive energies to enter the room.
  4. Keep the color of the room in light tones preferably yellow.
  5. If possible keep the windows in East or North direction and the minimum windows in West or South directions. Better to close the West or South directions.
  6. Keep the mobiles and other electromagnetic objects out of the study room.
  7. Study room should have proper light both in the form of natural light as well as artificial light.
  8. Place computer in the south-east direction of the room
  9. The study room should be free from noise and there should not be any noisy toilet.
  10. Do not place TV in the study room

Decorating Study Room to Increase Concentration
Location of Study Room
Study room should be in the East, North or North-East direction of the home.

Location of Study Table
Place the study table facing North or East direction to increase the concentration. Do not stick the table to wall as putting it adjacent to wall will stop the flow of fresh ideas. More open space means more open and fresh ideas. Study table should either be rectangular or square and neither be too big or small. As the table of small size is quiet uncomfortable so hampers the study as well as concentration.

Location of Bookshelves
Best locations of bookshelves are East, North, and North-east directions. Do not put the bookshelves in the corner of the room and also it should not be placed above the study table as it creates stress while studying. Bookshelves should not be cluttery.

Study Room Color Scheme
Keep the color light as the light colors are considered very auspicious as per Vastu.Avoid dark and black color in the study room.

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Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home Decoration This Diwali – Diwali Home Décor Ideas

How you are going to decorate your home this Diwali. This is the question that all of us must be facing as Diwali is just few days far. I am going to share my home décor ideas on Diwali here and all of you are most welcome to share your ideas and pictures.

Cushions Every Where
I am going to bring lots of colorful cushions for my living room, bedroom and lobby. During festival times it is better to chose colorful ones rather than grey tone fabric for furnishing. These cushions in different fabric like cotton, synthetic and even leather and fur are easily available. Especially the cushions having mirror work look the best during the Diwali festival.

Rugs and Carpet
Next thing that you can do to decorate your home this Diwali is to buy carpet and bedside runners like me. Do not go for too expensive carpets and rugs, but go for the one that are affordable. But if you can afford buying expensive ones then go for the same. Be sure to match the color of the carpet with the color of your cushion and both should be in contrast to the furniture color. 

Next thing that can bring an instant change in the color and mode of the place are the curtains. So bring bright curtains to home this season.  If you are refurnishing every room then pick the color theme accordingly. Make one room bright and other should be on other side of the tone but not too low in shade.

Door Hangings
If we are talking about Diwali then how can we forget about door hanging and beautiful wall hangings. During festive seasons there is wide variety of these available in the market that is an easy and gorgeous decoration for Diwali.

Then I will use earthen pots and urns to decorate the entrance of my home. Well decorated earthen pots are there in the market these days. You can also hang torans and flowers to decorate your home.

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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Decorate Home with Mirrors? - Home Decoration

Mirrors placed on a vanity or hung over a wall will always serve unique aesthetic purpose in the home. Mirrors can be placed anywhere except the seating place. Adding mirror to any room not just make the room looks bigger, it also enhances the look of the room. Many designers have been using mirrors at different places to decorate the house.

You can place the mirrors either to make some space or to break a space. For instance instead of using a painting behind the dining table you can place a decorative mirror. This will break the empty space on the wall as well as giving depth to the room.
Mirrors are always considered a plus in many cases. But it’s the placement of the mirror that matters the most. It’s important to see what is mirror reflecting. One should place important objects, design elements so they are captured in the reflection.  A mirror will always reflect your personality.

Tips to decorate with mirrors:

1. Dining area is the best place to add mirror as it will add visual dimension to the space creating a relaxing atmosphere.
2. Most designers love to decorate the entryway with mirrors, as that’s the area, which lacks light.
3. Place mirrors in small, dark rooms to make it look bigger and elegant.
4. Another way to decorate is to place multiple mirrors on same wall but in equal proportion.

Below are few decorative mirrors that can add the sense of sensuality and elegance to your décor.

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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cocktail Table- How to Choose a Perfect One for Living Room?

Cocktail table commonly referred as coffee table or occasional table is the centralized piece in your living room. This is the table used for serving cocktail snacks, coffee, to put your feet on while relaxing or keeping your newspapers, magazines or books. The coffee table is kept in front of the sofa and it completes the look of your living room décor. Your choice of cocktail table also reflects your personality.  There are many types of cocktail tables available in market from traditional designs to contemporary. When you are going to pick your cocktail table there are few things to keep in mind:

1. Determine you furniture style: Scan the style of furniture in your living room and decide whether it’s Traditional, Modern, Victorian, Exotic or Contemporary. Pairing a traditional coffee table with contemporary sofa can be a big mismatch.
2. Measure the space: Before going out you must measure the space available and find the particular size of cocktail table that can fit in the living room.
3. Check your budget: You must plan how much you want to spend before going out. It’s always better to shop having a budget in your mind.
4. Compare Prices: If you have chosen a particular cocktail table for your living room, just go through other vendors’ websites or brochures for price comparison. Sometimes a local vendor can get you the same item at very low price than designer showroom.

For all of you I have chosen few cocktail tables that will create an oomph factor in your living room.

1. Square Cocktail Table:  This is the "Callum" accent table collection from Ashley furniture that features a unique design and a rich finish to create a contemporary styled collection that is sure add an air of artistic sophistication into any living room environment.

2. Sleeper Ottoman: These days most people are using ottomans as their occasional tables. But this one has a special feature that it turns out into a sleeper bed also. It’s a great looking and space saving design available at Bob’s furniture Gallery.

3. Square Storage Cocktail Table:  This is another modern cocktail table that also caters the need of storage. Perfect with low-height sofa set. The leaves of the table open into a storage space. Available at

'4. Cocktail Tables with Ottomans: This is a great piece of furniture for small living room space. The ottomans underneath can be pulled out creating extra seatings when you have more people showing up.

5. Storage Trunk Cocktail Table:  A stylish traditional cocktail table that can also be used as storage trunk.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Go Green with IKEA

Along with Americans I’m also moving to “green culture” embracing the fact that environmental responsibility is everyone's responsibility. There are many reasons to be eco-friendly these days keeping in mind the scarcity of resources, pollution, global warming, and increased impurities in the atmosphere.  Everyone has to take responsibility of this and has to start somewhere. 

IKEA has also stepped in into the “Green Revolution”. The main raw materials used in IKEA products are wood, cotton, metal, plastic, glass and rattan and they work towards using as many renewable and recyclable materials as possible. Many of you might not know that IKEA is one of the founding members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This global multi-stakeholder organization aims to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.

On my recent visit to Ikea I picked some soothing green colored textiles for my bedroom. And not to mention the prices I bought those things at. I think IKEA is the best place where I can get Eco-friendly products with beautiful designs within my price range. Below is the list of the items that I bought to keep me inspiring about going green:
1. Dvala Sheet set in green color: I was love in this color when I first saw it. The texture of the sheet makes it a must buy for everyone as its made of renewable cotton which is produced using reduced usage of water,  fertilizers and pesticides. King size sheet set is priced at $39.99.
2. Torva pair of curtains: Then I picked these curtains matching with the sheet set I just bought. It’s multi colored but it has green color tiebacks, which enhances the look of the curtains. It’s made of 100% cotton and is  priced at $29.99.

3. Hampen Rug in Green: Beautiful green colored polypropylene rug is the prefect match for my green eco-friendly room.It’s 4’4” X 6’5” in size priced at $49.99.

4. PAPAJA pot plant: Just have to pick these beautiful 6” plant pots for decorating my room. Made of earthenware priced at $2.99 each.

So you can see that going green is not going to hurt your designer taste buds as well as cost. Going green will always place you in a healthy positive environment in addition to maintain your living standard.  

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best Bedroom Décor Accessories for Decorating Bedroom

Most of the bedroom have just the bed, side tables and TV and we keep on thinking what bedroom décor accessories we can use to enhance the look of bedroom.

Bedroom décor accessories actually help in changing the style and look of bedroom. Most of the bedroom accessories are useful as well as decorative in purpose hence you will have to define your needs before buying the actual accessory.
Major aspect of your bedroom include bed, bedroom furniture such as wardrobe, side tables, set of drawers etc. Number of items actually depends upon the available room size and space.

Best Bedroom Décor Accessories

Bedroom Dressers and Chests
Bedroom dressers and chests are the good way to decorating a bedroom. These even solve the purpose of storage in bedroom. Available in different decorating styles like Contemporary, traditional, transitional, shaker and oriental, these bedroom decorative accessories, can be bought in budget to expensive price range. Even there is a good collection of color and finish in the market. So no problem in maintaining the current or your desired room décor and color of the room.

Nightstands and Side Tables
Nightstands and side tables are actually meant for decorative purposes. From round, square to rectangular you can get what you want in this category.  You can buy it with or without drawers.

4D Concepts, Atlantic Furniture, Bedford, Canopy, Home Trends, have good collection of Nightstands and Side Tables for your bedroom.

Upholstered Benches
If you are looking for something very stylish for your bedroom then I would recommend upholstered benches. These give very English look to your bedroom.  Traditional benches are very popular along with Victoria Tufted benches, Perugia Scrolled Benches, traditional bedroom benches, leather benches, microfiber tufted bedroom storage benches and wooden relaxing benches.

Night Lamps
Night lamps are available in different styles, shapes and sizes. Buy the one according to the present theme of your bedroom.

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Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wall Stickers for Contemporary Look

Hello All
I always keep looking for something for my walls and really impressed by the beautiful wall stickers. Here I am compiling some for you so that you can also use these at your home. Also along with images of wall stickers their source has been displayed. Hope you will also enjoy reading and viewing the images.
Who likes the barren wall at home? No body. So why not to give the walls, “Wall Stickers” that are refreshing and at the same time give contemporary feel.  At the same time wall stickers are hassle free way of decorating the walls.
Wall stickers not only can be used for bedroom walls, kid’s room but these can transform the walls of your living and dining area as well and with same remarkable potential.
Decorative wall stickers add elegance and sophistication to your living room whereas star war stickers can enhance the appeal of your kid’s room. Then there are wall stickers of plants and flowers that can be glued on the walls for freshness.  Choice is not limited to these categories as there are more like nature, animals, retro, whimsical, transportation, Disney, cartoon and many more.
wall sticker black on white swirls

wall stickers flower

wall stickers floral motif

wall sticker flock of birds

Picture Source :

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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paint Your Bedroom in the Colors of Your Taste - Bedroom Color Scheme

Giving the perfect color to your bedroom is not that easy task, as, you want it be very personal and at the same time the bedroom color should be presentable. Also, the bedroom color combination should make you feel very happy and relaxed.
As it is just your room and if you are married then your spouse’s room as well so you need to think about the color from your taste as well as your spouse’s taste perspective. As it is a low traffic room so you don’t have to worry about durability of the paint. You can use soft sheen or flats or eggshells for your bedroom color.
What About Pink Bedroom Color…

Pink is usually considered as a very girlish color but at the same time Feng Shui says that it is the most romantic color thus perfect for the bedroom.  But you will have to be very cautious while selecting the shade of the pink color. Like if you will pick the baby pink color which is very light then probably your bedroom will look like more of nursery. You can go with DEEP PINK COLOR or the HOT PINK COLOR or pink mixed with magenta or lavender. 
Pink color denotes the love. It gives you the feeling of calmness, relaxation and also it neutralizes the disorder of the room. Pink is formed by combining red and white. The energy in the pink color is defined by the strength of red in it.
Cheer Up Yourself with Yellow Bedroom
Yellow color belongs to that family of the colors, which are bright and full of energy. Yellow bedroom works very well in winters.  I personally advice you to not paint the whole of your bedroom with yellow color. Instead of this you can go with yellow color accessories such as bedskirts, window treatment or lamp shade by the side of your bed.  If not this then you can try light yellow color by adding additional subtle color like grey, light green, pink  or light blue.
Or if you want your entire bedroom color to be yellow then try using different tones of the color. Like you can use light yellow for walls, bit darker or close to brown shade for upholstery. Try giving different complimentary colors to the bedroom furniture and accessories.
Use yellow color with neutral colors. This combination works very well. Yellow also goes well with  white, which is a neutral color.