Thursday, September 15, 2011

Cocktail Table- How to Choose a Perfect One for Living Room?

Cocktail table commonly referred as coffee table or occasional table is the centralized piece in your living room. This is the table used for serving cocktail snacks, coffee, to put your feet on while relaxing or keeping your newspapers, magazines or books. The coffee table is kept in front of the sofa and it completes the look of your living room décor. Your choice of cocktail table also reflects your personality.  There are many types of cocktail tables available in market from traditional designs to contemporary. When you are going to pick your cocktail table there are few things to keep in mind:

1. Determine you furniture style: Scan the style of furniture in your living room and decide whether it’s Traditional, Modern, Victorian, Exotic or Contemporary. Pairing a traditional coffee table with contemporary sofa can be a big mismatch.
2. Measure the space: Before going out you must measure the space available and find the particular size of cocktail table that can fit in the living room.
3. Check your budget: You must plan how much you want to spend before going out. It’s always better to shop having a budget in your mind.
4. Compare Prices: If you have chosen a particular cocktail table for your living room, just go through other vendors’ websites or brochures for price comparison. Sometimes a local vendor can get you the same item at very low price than designer showroom.

For all of you I have chosen few cocktail tables that will create an oomph factor in your living room.

1. Square Cocktail Table:  This is the "Callum" accent table collection from Ashley furniture that features a unique design and a rich finish to create a contemporary styled collection that is sure add an air of artistic sophistication into any living room environment.

2. Sleeper Ottoman: These days most people are using ottomans as their occasional tables. But this one has a special feature that it turns out into a sleeper bed also. It’s a great looking and space saving design available at Bob’s furniture Gallery.

3. Square Storage Cocktail Table:  This is another modern cocktail table that also caters the need of storage. Perfect with low-height sofa set. The leaves of the table open into a storage space. Available at

'4. Cocktail Tables with Ottomans: This is a great piece of furniture for small living room space. The ottomans underneath can be pulled out creating extra seatings when you have more people showing up.

5. Storage Trunk Cocktail Table:  A stylish traditional cocktail table that can also be used as storage trunk.

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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Go Green with IKEA

Along with Americans I’m also moving to “green culture” embracing the fact that environmental responsibility is everyone's responsibility. There are many reasons to be eco-friendly these days keeping in mind the scarcity of resources, pollution, global warming, and increased impurities in the atmosphere.  Everyone has to take responsibility of this and has to start somewhere. 

IKEA has also stepped in into the “Green Revolution”. The main raw materials used in IKEA products are wood, cotton, metal, plastic, glass and rattan and they work towards using as many renewable and recyclable materials as possible. Many of you might not know that IKEA is one of the founding members of the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). This global multi-stakeholder organization aims to make global cotton production better for the people who produce it, better for the environment it grows in and better for the sector’s future.

On my recent visit to Ikea I picked some soothing green colored textiles for my bedroom. And not to mention the prices I bought those things at. I think IKEA is the best place where I can get Eco-friendly products with beautiful designs within my price range. Below is the list of the items that I bought to keep me inspiring about going green:
1. Dvala Sheet set in green color: I was love in this color when I first saw it. The texture of the sheet makes it a must buy for everyone as its made of renewable cotton which is produced using reduced usage of water,  fertilizers and pesticides. King size sheet set is priced at $39.99.
2. Torva pair of curtains: Then I picked these curtains matching with the sheet set I just bought. It’s multi colored but it has green color tiebacks, which enhances the look of the curtains. It’s made of 100% cotton and is  priced at $29.99.

3. Hampen Rug in Green: Beautiful green colored polypropylene rug is the prefect match for my green eco-friendly room.It’s 4’4” X 6’5” in size priced at $49.99.

4. PAPAJA pot plant: Just have to pick these beautiful 6” plant pots for decorating my room. Made of earthenware priced at $2.99 each.

So you can see that going green is not going to hurt your designer taste buds as well as cost. Going green will always place you in a healthy positive environment in addition to maintain your living standard.  

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Best Bedroom Décor Accessories for Decorating Bedroom

Most of the bedroom have just the bed, side tables and TV and we keep on thinking what bedroom décor accessories we can use to enhance the look of bedroom.

Bedroom décor accessories actually help in changing the style and look of bedroom. Most of the bedroom accessories are useful as well as decorative in purpose hence you will have to define your needs before buying the actual accessory.
Major aspect of your bedroom include bed, bedroom furniture such as wardrobe, side tables, set of drawers etc. Number of items actually depends upon the available room size and space.

Best Bedroom Décor Accessories

Bedroom Dressers and Chests
Bedroom dressers and chests are the good way to decorating a bedroom. These even solve the purpose of storage in bedroom. Available in different decorating styles like Contemporary, traditional, transitional, shaker and oriental, these bedroom decorative accessories, can be bought in budget to expensive price range. Even there is a good collection of color and finish in the market. So no problem in maintaining the current or your desired room décor and color of the room.

Nightstands and Side Tables
Nightstands and side tables are actually meant for decorative purposes. From round, square to rectangular you can get what you want in this category.  You can buy it with or without drawers.

4D Concepts, Atlantic Furniture, Bedford, Canopy, Home Trends, have good collection of Nightstands and Side Tables for your bedroom.

Upholstered Benches
If you are looking for something very stylish for your bedroom then I would recommend upholstered benches. These give very English look to your bedroom.  Traditional benches are very popular along with Victoria Tufted benches, Perugia Scrolled Benches, traditional bedroom benches, leather benches, microfiber tufted bedroom storage benches and wooden relaxing benches.

Night Lamps
Night lamps are available in different styles, shapes and sizes. Buy the one according to the present theme of your bedroom.

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