Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do You Know Which is the Best Wood for Wooden Almirah? - Wooden Almirah Designs

Any bedroom is incomplete if it does not have a wooden almirah. Although almirahs are available in other material too but the charm of wooden almirah is unbeatable. Wooden almirah is also known as Wooden Armoire that brings the sense of traditional to very warm and cozy look. But wooden almirah designs nowadays are not confined to traditional look as these also cover contemporary and transformational look.

Considering the wooden almirah does not mean that it will be made from just one type of wood. There are many varieties of wood that can be used to make different wooden almirahs. Every wood has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some are high of price and others do not have the finish you are looking for. So check out information on types of wood that are used to make wooden almirah.

Types of Wood Used for Wooden Almirah
Various types of wood are used to make almirah for bedroom. Best among all are:

Walnut  -
walnut is a soft wood which is brown in color but expensive than other woods. So walnut wooden almirah for bedroom would be a costly but an excellent option. Walnut wooden almirah designs are very attractive and last for many years. Walnut is also resistant to moisture and insects that further makes it a choice for wooden almirah, flooring and furniture.
Oak  - Oak wood has many varieties with great grain character. It is actually a hardwood that is used for making different kinds of furniture including wooden almirah. Wooden almirah made from oak is of middle grade meaning it will be more expensive than the almirah made from pine but less expensive than mahogany wood almirah. It is a very durable wood that last for a long period of time.
If you check then most of antique furniture are made from oak. Its biggest disadvantage is that this wooden almirah design for bedroom is quiet heavy. So if you lives a nomadic life then this might not be an option for you.

While buying oak wood almirah look for the quality of wood. Also check almirah and look for any crack, damage or knot. If any one of these is there then do not buy. Make sure that the whole wooden almirah is made from solid oak rather than piece of oak fixed on some other wood. Then check for its construction, craftsmanship and sturdy joints.

Maple – Maple wooden almirah is light in color. This wood is medium to hard wood with even sized pores. Maple wood is also called shock resistant wood and has very fine texture. Maple almirah after finish looks like walnut and cherry almirah that are quiet expensive wooden almirahs.

Teak  - Teak wooden almirah is extremely durable. Mostly teak wood is used to make outdoor patio furniture as it can withstand almost all kinds of weather. Teak wood almirahs are quiet expensive as these are very durable. Natural teak oil within teak wood makes it impervious to being attacked by rot or insects. The teak wood oil also repels fungus and molds. So if you want to give furniture to your family and make it a heirloom furniture then buy teak wood furniture and almirah.

Pine  - Pine wooden almirah are inexpensive and used if you want rustic interiors. Also the pine wood almirah has knots and light yellow in color. Instead of master bedroom Pine wood almirah will look good in children's room.

Mahogany  - Mahogany is a dark and dense in texture. Mahogany is medium-to-hard wood and excellent for carving. So to make most of the wooden almirah designs for designer wardrobe mahogany is used. Also this wood has medium grains and uniform pore structure that make its look very uniform. It is quiet a stable wood that maintains its shape even against shrinkage and swelling.


  1. its really good knowledge, actual m looking a wooden wardrobe, checking on internet but find some wardrobe made from Engineered Wood/Paper PU, Melamine, particle boards and compressed wood. i don't know about that material, suggest me which is best material (Walnut, Oak, Pine, Mahogany,Teak woods) or which i mentioned above

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