Friday, June 8, 2012

Summer Home Decoration Ideas and Tips

Seasonal decoration refreshen up the mood, enhance the appeal and give your home a style statement as well. Be it a summer or winter, anything do according to the season for sure brings in the most welcome change. So be ready to know some of the best summer home decoration ideas and tips

Summer Home Decoration Ideas

Remove Clutter
Best way to start the summer decoration is the removal of clutter. If you have those unwanted material either inside or outside the home then get rid of those immediately. Try giving simple and bare look. This will allow the air to move freely in your sweet home. Also if you have some bulky wall hanging that are not part of your decoration style then remove these and pack these for the winters.

Light colored Furnishings with Bold Print

You prefer to wear light colored clothes during summer or clothes that have some lime color in it. So do not limit this to your wardrobe but try giving your home the same color this summer. If you are going to shop for the home furnishings like cushion covers, bed sheets or bed covers then try buying the light colored furnishing. Light color beat the heat of the summer to some extent as these looks very soothing to the eyes. Also if you like then buy the bold prints on light background preferably made from organic material.

Preferable colors for summer home decoration can be - lime, light blue, lime green, soft yellow, light pink, light mauve, lighter shades or orange

Summer fabric: Bamboo, jute, cotton, organic cotton, linen

Curtains and Windows
Curtains and windows play a major role in the home decor not only in summer but in every season, festival and occasion. Bamboo is the perfect material for windows during summer. Look for the fabric that is heavy to cut down the sunlight. Use blinds outside the windows rather than inside during summer to lessen the heating effect.

Get in Pillows
Throw in some colorful pillows on your bedroom, living room couch or even you can buy the floor cushions. You will feel a complete new look with this. This is one of the best summer home decoration ideas.

Pick Up the Carpet
If you have carpets in your home them pack these for winters and no to these for this summer.

Indoor Plants
Indoor plants is one of the best ways to decorate home during summer. It is going natural with plants for a cool and pleasant look. If you do not know which plant you can place inside your home then have a look here on the list of Indoor Plants.

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