Friday, May 20, 2011

Curtain Trends in 2011 – Fashionable Interiors

Are you guys hunting for curtain trends in 2011 that can play a starry role in your interior design. The fabric, color, style and design of curtains can definitely add a touch of sophistication to any room. Along with this curtains should be such that these store something for everyone. They should delight the kids, create sensuous feel in bedroom and at the same time must look elegant in living room.

Curtain trends in 2011 show a clear mutation towards colors and the quality of fabric. Subdue shades of blue, red and purple are giving more stylish and delicate effects and will for sure rule the market.

Instead of blue and pink combination, it is the turquoise, purple and lime green which are gaining tremendous popularity.

Curtain trends in 2011 clearly shows that non-color fabric like in white, grey or cream with structured weave and raised effects are really in.

Then it is the floral pattern that is attracting lots of attention these days. This is the latest trend in the interior decoration market.

Any sort of trendy and matching curtains convert the lifeless room to a lively one. It gives softness and warmth to the entire space.

String Curtains
String curtains are the latest rage as they look extremely trendy. Strings of different clothes or other material like beads or bamboo beads are used to make the string curtains.If your room is small then it can be an option for you as with this your space will look bigger or same but not small. But before buying know what kind of material  has been used to make the string curtains.

Then you have other options to pick
Tab Top Drapes

Grommet Top Drapes

Ruffled Pocket Top Drapes

Pocket Top Drapes

Clip Top Drapes

Tie Top Drapes

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