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Kitchen Vastu Tips – Kitchen Vastu Shastra

According to vastu, kitchen is one of the most important areas in the home as this is the place from where all the energies prevails. This is the place where food is cooked for everyone.  Earlier cooking was done in open area and that place was not used for washing or any other kitchen chore. Earlier the space was more so things were made easily but now with the compactness of space, it sometimes become very difficult to follow every kitchen vastu directions. But if possible try to follow the kitchen vastu shastra as this brings more positive energy and helps in eliminating the negative vibes from the home.

Odd placement of things in the kitchen can bring bad luck or adverse the positive situations. Hence it is absolutely mandatory to follow the kitchen vastu tips for general and specific benefits.

Kitchen Vastu Tips – Kitchen Vastu Shastra

Best Direction for Kitchen According to Vastu Shastra
South-east of the house is the most important direction of the home and it governs the fire element. As kitchen is the primary place responsible for health so kitchen should be in the south-east direction of the home if possible.

Try to build kitchen in South-east direction as per Vastu. If not possible then try to make it in North-west part but avoid any other direction or place.

Now why the south east or North-west direction is considered as the best direction? Earlier days cooking was done outside the home and all work requires fire. Blowing wind could easily cause any mis-happening. In hot summer days wind blows from S-W to the N-E direction. So SE and NW direction is the best to avoid any fire accident.

Do not build kitchen in North-east direction as per vastu as Sun light enters from East and North side of the home and these directions are considered important for meditation and thus reserved for meditation and living room.

Kitchen Vastu Tips for Doors and Windows

Kitchen door should never be in front of the bathroom door.

Door of the kitchen should be in North, East or North-east direction of the home.

Door of the kitchen should open in clockwise directions as most of the persons are right handed thus it is easy to open it.

If you have large window in the kitchen then it should face the east direction as the Sunlight will enter without any blocking. Rays of the Sun actually helps in killing the
germs. Also the first rays of the Sun are beneficial for the health of the person working in the kitchen.

For cross ventilation, an additional small window can be made in the South direction of the kitchen.

Kitchen Vastu Tips for Gas Stove, Microwave and Exhaust Fan
Location of cooking gas stove in the kitchen according to vastu shastra should be South-east. The person while cooking should face the east direction as she will get the fresh morning Sunrays that are very beneficial for health.

Gas stove should not be visible from outside.

Place microwave in the South-east corner of the kitchen. Microwave oven is similar to cooking gas, which is placed in the SE corner and so does the microwave.

Exhaust fan should be fitted to the east wall. Logically all cooking is done in SE direction so the direction for the fumes to go out easily is the east. Also this is the direction for installing chimney.

Location of Kitchen Sink
Water sink in the kitchen should be in North-east direction and away from the cooking gas as water and fire do not gel with each other.

There should not be any leaking water tap in the kitchen as it causes the wastage of water and thus energy.

Use North-east direction in the kitchen for water storage and taps as the stored water will get enough of morning Sunlight that helps in killing germs.

Dining Table in the Kitchen
According to kitchen vastu tips avoid placing dinning table in the center of the kitchen. You can place dining table in the North-west direction. NW direction is the less active area in the kitchen so best suitable for the dining and eating purposes.

Kitchen Vastu Tips for Electronic Appliances
Place kitchen electronic equipments in South-west direction.

Kitchen Vastu Tips for Gas Cylinder
Best direction for placing the gas cylinder is the Southeast corner of the kitchen and utilize the same direction for installing geyser.

According to kitchen vastu tips, no bedroom or bathroom should adjoin the kitchen.

Color of Kitchen according to Vastu Shastra


Green is considered as the best color for kitchen as it improves the appetite of the family members.


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