Sunday, December 11, 2011

How to Decorate Staircase during Christmas?

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year when everyone is in festive mood. So bring your home to this festive spirit as well do the Christmas decoration. If your home has staircase then it is important to decorate these as also as the staircase if decorated properly can add loveliness to the whole home.
We here are giving some ideas to decorate staircase during Christmas. Hope you will find these easy to use and interesting:

Fabric, light and Flowers
Best way to decorate staircase is to use satin fabric or organza fabric of Christmas color theme, lights and flowers. Make the swirls of the fabric and above that add lights and flowers.

Ornaments and Ribbons
Another way to decorate stairways during Christmas is to use beautiful bright colored ribbons and Christmas ornaments. You can hang balls, decorative material, sparkles at the stairways.

Door Swags
Door swags is another very nice option to be used on staircase to decorate it. Buy same size and color of door swags and hang them at equal distance at staircase. 

Bow and Wreath

Potted Plants
If your staircase is wide enough then you can place potted plant to decorate it. Along with potted plant you can also place items of decoration like greenery, small Christmas tree, gifts, bows etc.

Garland to Decorate Staircase 
Pick the fir garland either real or fake and use it on the staircase. Real one has the fragrance of pine that increases the festive mood whereas the fake on can be used in the next season as well. Choice is entirely yours. Hang the garland at equal distance. Amazon and ebay has huge range of garland for Christmas. 

String Craneberries and Pine
Pick the string craneberries, popcorn and pine for the decoration of stairways. Paint the tip of the pine cone to make these more presentable for decoration. Fasten these with greenery at the stairways with ribbon by making its bow. 

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