Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Go Green with Indoor Plants

Go green is a real mantra of a healthy life and if you want to live with this mantra then you can pick the indoor plant. The indoor plants will solve two purposes- one these will give you a clean and green environment and secondly these will freshen up the whole space.

As we all know that all the plants stay and flourish well in their natural habitat and if you will try growing them in an artificial atmosphere then the plants have to struggle a lot. So you have to be very careful while selecting the indoor plants so that they can bloom. Check out some of the plants you can keep inside your home.

Rex Begonia or Leaf Begonia

Rex Begonia,  the king of begonias is at number one position in the list of house plants as its velvety leaves, color and natural marking on the leaves is just amazing. The silvery hue appears pink or green in different light. Begonia needs filtered sunlight in plenty to grow. Also the optimum temperature for the growth is 18° to 23°C. Begonia also requires moist and fresh air. Do not keep them wet as very susceptible to rot also fertilize occasionally through summer and spring.


Colorful foliage of the caladium plant is the reason for keeping it as indoor plants. Caladium are delicate plants that cannot withstand too low temperature. So you cannot keep them in air conditioned room. These requires warm sunlight and temperature above 20°C. Never keep the soil wet but keep it moist with extra humus. It propagates by dividing tubers.  Caladiums go dormant in fall and winter. At the end of summer, gradually reduce watering until foliage withers and dies down.

Calathea crocata

Calathea is native to Brazil and a tropical plant. There are about 150 varities of Calathea. Though these are grown for the foliage but Calathea bear very bright and beautiful flowers, if given proper conditions. To grow the plant requires an even temperature throughout the year. You can grow it as indoor plant but  maintain good level of humidity around the leaves. Partial shaded position is ideal for the growth of Calathea. Keep this plant close to window and keep it little away from window during winter as tropical plants cannot withstand cold. Know more abot Calathea http://www.houseplantsguru.com/eternal-flame-calathea-crocata

Chlorophytum or Spider Plant

This is one of the most favorite plants in the category of indoor plants for home d├ęcor. The plant has an ability to reproduce itself so there will be no shortage of the Spider plant. The Spider plant will also detoxify your interior so considered as a very good air freshener.

Codiaeum (Croton)

There are various types of crotons. Each variety differ in the color, shape, size and marking of the foliage. Under unsatisfactory conditions they drop their leaves. Croton requires bright sunlight, warm and constant temperature  of 23° to 29°C. Keep the soil evenly moist.


This plant is a cross between hedera (ivy) and fatsia. It is actually a climber. Pruning encourages side growth. Grow in low to moderate daylight; cool temperatures 15° to 20°C; moderate humidity. Pot in standard potting soil with extra organic matter; let dry between waterings. Propagate from stem cuttings.


Small plant that requires high humidity and young plants are attractive than the old plants. Grow to low to moderate daylight; warmth 23° to 29°C; high humidity.

If you are looking for an indoor plant to be kept in hanging basket then look no other than the beautiful  fuchsia. Grow in diffused sunlight; fairly cool temperatures. Propagate from stem cuttings in warmth.

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