Thursday, March 24, 2011

Top Five Bathroom Decor Accessories

Adding bathroom accessory is the simplest, quickest and the cheapest way to bring change in bathroom. There are numerous bathroom accessories in the market. So when you actually go into market and search for the top bathroom accessories to decorate your bathroom then it is really confusing. To help you more I am presenting the list of top five bathroom accessories that you must have to decorate your bath.

You must have noticed that small things can bring lot of change. Even if you will change your present bathroom curtain and bath rug you will feel the difference. Also you can change the soap case, tooth brush holder and even your bath towels. Put some scented candles in the bathroom or beautiful artificial flowers for a change. All these ideas for bathroom decor accessories will definitely fit into your budget.

Soap Dispensers and Soap Dishes
These are one of the most required and the cheapest bathroom accessories that can bring freshness if bought according to decor. Even if you have a very dull color in bathroom buying these bathroom accessories in bold and bright color can do the work. Soap dispenser is also very easy to use and available in different finishes, style and color such as chrome soap dispenser,wall  mounted, countertop soap dispenser, lotion, liquid and other many types of soap dispensers.

Pick the matching soap dishes. Complete bathroom set containing dispenser, soap dish and toothbrush holder is also available.

Large Mirror

Give your bathroom a large magnifying and trendy mirror above the basin area. From round, rectangular, oval or other irregular shapes are available. Also the bathroom mirror comes with or without frame.

Storage Basket
Buy one colorful storage basket that matches with your interior decor. There is a lovely range of woven storage basket made from cane and jute also. Moreover jute and cane is an eco friendly option and last longer that the fabric ones.

Colorful Bath Mats
Bath mats bring in the color and life in the bathroom and make it more modern. Pick the bath mat that is water resistant if you have bathroom without bathtub or separate bathing place. Otherwise you can pick any designer bath mat. But remember in both the cases the bath mat should be anti slippery. For this place the bath mat on floor while buying and check this quality. Huge range of bath mats from very stylish to common, simple and theme based are available in market and that too in wide range of shapes and sizes. You can have casual, modern, multicolor, reversible, hand tufted, handwoven, shaggy, plain, acrylic, needle punch and jute bath mats.

This is also one of the cheapest option under the category of bathroom decor accessories.

Hope these ideas on bathroom decor accessories will work and helps you in bathroom makeover.

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