Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Mesmerizing Beauty of Bamboo Shades

Bamboo shades reduces the heat of Sun through their cool appeal and look. You can use bamboo shades both for contemporary as well as traditional home decor. Moreover bamboo should also be a choice if you want to live an eco-friendly life as bamboo plant is friendly to nature too.
Bamboo shades generally refer to window shades but it can also be used as door shades. These are very light in weight and affordable.

Homemade bamboo shades are made in old style by drying bamboo reeds and then weaving them with ropes. Durability if bit lesser than the modern style of weaving.

Bamboo Shade Styles
Matchstick Style – Bamboo reeds are woven together in matchstick form

Blind Style – In this wider flat pieces are used that looks like blind.

Roll-up Style – In this style you can roll-up your bamboo shades

Cellular Shades – These are also called honey comb shades that allow small
amount of Sunlight to enter into any place where these are installed.

Venetian Bamboo Shades – This is also known as horizontal blinds. This are light-control blinds. Modern shades have wider slats than the traditional ones.

Different patterns and styles are made by weaving bamboo tubes in different styles. These days some bamboo shades are even painted in some designs to make them look more beautiful.

Picking right style is very important. Like if you are looking for bamboo shades for bedroom where you need complete privacy then the bamboo shade must not have any space between reeds. Whereas if you are looking from decoration point of view then focus on design.

Bamboo Shades Buying Guide

Before buying bamboo blinds it is recommended to do the product search for price and quality comparison on . Google product feature shows the real time search for latest products related to your query with number of stores from where you can buy this along with price, price, size and review. It is an excellent idea before buying the bamboo shades online and even from the stores. Also get the buying guide information along with product detail at the end of search page.

Then look for bamboo shades in top selling websites like Amazon and IKEA. Sometimes you can even get the discounts and offers that reduce the price further.

Check out B2C marketplaces like eBay to buy bamboo shades from different brands.

Also there are other shopping sites to shop for Bamboo Shades at :

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