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Curved Shower Curtain Rod - For More Bathing Space

If your bathroom space is less and you long for shower curtain, bathtub and other luxury for your bathroom then you can opt for the curved shower curtain rod that occupies less space but give more bathing space. It actually increases the elbow room in bathroom. So get the efficient shower pleasure with curved shower rod.

Now how can you find out that it gives you more space. Like by measuring the length of straight and curved curtain rod you may not find much difference but once it is installed the space difference becomes very obvious. Owing to this cost of curved shower curtain rod is more than its straight counterpart.

Curved Shower Curtain Rod Material
Curved shower curtain rods are available in assortment of material and colors like plastic, metal, pvc etc. But the one made in metal and has chrome or double-chrome coating is the best. With this peeling of rod does not happen which increases the life of the rod. Plastic rods need be checked for their toughness for durability.

Also there are curved shower curtain rod made from bronze, brushed nickle, oil rubbed bronze and brass. Oil rubbed bronze curved rods are more durable among these and so more expensive. 

Adjustable curved shower curtain rod is getting popular as it can be adjusted to different widths and for different space. Then there are double shower curtain rods one for the liner and one for the shower curtain.

Curved shower curtain rod can be used both with tub as well as shower. Use hookless shower curtains with curved shower curtain rod.    

Curved Shower Curtain Rod Installation
Although the installation of curved shower curtain rod is similar to straight rod but yet there are some differences. Like you need curtain rod brackets to affix them to the wall. Screws make them more secure than the straight shower curtain rods that are hold in place with pressure.

Material Required

  1. Curved shower curtain rod/shower curtain rail
  2. Screwdriver
  3. Measuring tape
  4. Screws
  5. Pencil or Marker
  6. Drill
Mark the space where you want to install the curved shower curtain rod. If you already have the straight one then you need to get this one out, fill the space and paint the wall before installing the curved shower curtain rod.

Now as per the specifications of the manufacturers put the curved rod together. Like in some cases you have to fix the two pieces together.

Hold the rod to a place where you actually want to install it. Make sure that you are holding it at correct height and depth. Make this space with marker or pencil. This is the place where mounting brackets will go.

For height make sure that after hanging the curtain, the curtain should seal the bathtub i.e. shower curtain should overhang the bathtub.

Now hold the mounting brackets in place and mark the point where screws will go into wall. Make the mark with pencil. To check if the mark has been made on right place take the measuring tape and get the measurement of height, depth and width.

Take drill and make hole. If the wall is dry then install wall anchors and if it is stud then install screws. Buy quality screws as this is the whole strength of the curved shower curtain rod.

So now your brackets are in place and you can install the shower rod as per the instructions of the manufacturer's.

Top Curved Shower Curtain Brands
  • MOEN
  • Speakman
  • Kohler
  • Design House
  • Regalware

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