Sunday, July 24, 2011

Paint Your Bedroom in the Colors of Your Taste - Bedroom Color Scheme

Giving the perfect color to your bedroom is not that easy task, as, you want it be very personal and at the same time the bedroom color should be presentable. Also, the bedroom color combination should make you feel very happy and relaxed.
As it is just your room and if you are married then your spouse’s room as well so you need to think about the color from your taste as well as your spouse’s taste perspective. As it is a low traffic room so you don’t have to worry about durability of the paint. You can use soft sheen or flats or eggshells for your bedroom color.
What About Pink Bedroom Color…

Pink is usually considered as a very girlish color but at the same time Feng Shui says that it is the most romantic color thus perfect for the bedroom.  But you will have to be very cautious while selecting the shade of the pink color. Like if you will pick the baby pink color which is very light then probably your bedroom will look like more of nursery. You can go with DEEP PINK COLOR or the HOT PINK COLOR or pink mixed with magenta or lavender. 
Pink color denotes the love. It gives you the feeling of calmness, relaxation and also it neutralizes the disorder of the room. Pink is formed by combining red and white. The energy in the pink color is defined by the strength of red in it.
Cheer Up Yourself with Yellow Bedroom
Yellow color belongs to that family of the colors, which are bright and full of energy. Yellow bedroom works very well in winters.  I personally advice you to not paint the whole of your bedroom with yellow color. Instead of this you can go with yellow color accessories such as bedskirts, window treatment or lamp shade by the side of your bed.  If not this then you can try light yellow color by adding additional subtle color like grey, light green, pink  or light blue.
Or if you want your entire bedroom color to be yellow then try using different tones of the color. Like you can use light yellow for walls, bit darker or close to brown shade for upholstery. Try giving different complimentary colors to the bedroom furniture and accessories.
Use yellow color with neutral colors. This combination works very well. Yellow also goes well with  white, which is a neutral color.


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