Sunday, September 4, 2011

Wall Stickers for Contemporary Look

Hello All
I always keep looking for something for my walls and really impressed by the beautiful wall stickers. Here I am compiling some for you so that you can also use these at your home. Also along with images of wall stickers their source has been displayed. Hope you will also enjoy reading and viewing the images.
Who likes the barren wall at home? No body. So why not to give the walls, “Wall Stickers” that are refreshing and at the same time give contemporary feel.  At the same time wall stickers are hassle free way of decorating the walls.
Wall stickers not only can be used for bedroom walls, kid’s room but these can transform the walls of your living and dining area as well and with same remarkable potential.
Decorative wall stickers add elegance and sophistication to your living room whereas star war stickers can enhance the appeal of your kid’s room. Then there are wall stickers of plants and flowers that can be glued on the walls for freshness.  Choice is not limited to these categories as there are more like nature, animals, retro, whimsical, transportation, Disney, cartoon and many more.
wall sticker black on white swirls

wall stickers flower

wall stickers floral motif

wall sticker flock of birds

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All images are taken from Google Image Search without any intention of using these for profit purposes. Kindly contact me at my email for the removal of the same.

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