Tuesday, September 20, 2011

How to Decorate Home with Mirrors? - Home Decoration

Mirrors placed on a vanity or hung over a wall will always serve unique aesthetic purpose in the home. Mirrors can be placed anywhere except the seating place. Adding mirror to any room not just make the room looks bigger, it also enhances the look of the room. Many designers have been using mirrors at different places to decorate the house.

You can place the mirrors either to make some space or to break a space. For instance instead of using a painting behind the dining table you can place a decorative mirror. This will break the empty space on the wall as well as giving depth to the room.
Mirrors are always considered a plus in many cases. But it’s the placement of the mirror that matters the most. It’s important to see what is mirror reflecting. One should place important objects, design elements so they are captured in the reflection.  A mirror will always reflect your personality.

Tips to decorate with mirrors:

1. Dining area is the best place to add mirror as it will add visual dimension to the space creating a relaxing atmosphere.
2. Most designers love to decorate the entryway with mirrors, as that’s the area, which lacks light.
3. Place mirrors in small, dark rooms to make it look bigger and elegant.
4. Another way to decorate is to place multiple mirrors on same wall but in equal proportion.

Below are few decorative mirrors that can add the sense of sensuality and elegance to your d├ęcor.

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