Sunday, October 9, 2011

Home Decoration This Diwali – Diwali Home Décor Ideas

How you are going to decorate your home this Diwali. This is the question that all of us must be facing as Diwali is just few days far. I am going to share my home décor ideas on Diwali here and all of you are most welcome to share your ideas and pictures.

Cushions Every Where
I am going to bring lots of colorful cushions for my living room, bedroom and lobby. During festival times it is better to chose colorful ones rather than grey tone fabric for furnishing. These cushions in different fabric like cotton, synthetic and even leather and fur are easily available. Especially the cushions having mirror work look the best during the Diwali festival.

Rugs and Carpet
Next thing that you can do to decorate your home this Diwali is to buy carpet and bedside runners like me. Do not go for too expensive carpets and rugs, but go for the one that are affordable. But if you can afford buying expensive ones then go for the same. Be sure to match the color of the carpet with the color of your cushion and both should be in contrast to the furniture color. 

Next thing that can bring an instant change in the color and mode of the place are the curtains. So bring bright curtains to home this season.  If you are refurnishing every room then pick the color theme accordingly. Make one room bright and other should be on other side of the tone but not too low in shade.

Door Hangings
If we are talking about Diwali then how can we forget about door hanging and beautiful wall hangings. During festive seasons there is wide variety of these available in the market that is an easy and gorgeous decoration for Diwali.

Then I will use earthen pots and urns to decorate the entrance of my home. Well decorated earthen pots are there in the market these days. You can also hang torans and flowers to decorate your home.

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