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Step-by- Step Guide for a Perfect Bedroom

Your bedroom is your den and a place to relax so it has to be perfect and reflects your personal taste. There are many things, which need to be kept in mind while designing a bedroom to make it perfect.

First Step
Find the Focal Point: Before initiating the bedroom décor you have to find the focal point of the room, which is generally the wall. Now if your space allows then place the bed beside that wall. You can then further decorate that wall by keeping in mind the color, interior decoration theme, with wall art, painting, texture paint, fabric wall décor etc.

Second Step

Bedroom Furniture: For a perfect bedroom it is necessary to have just a perfect furniture. Pick the bed according to the theme you want to follow. If not this then simply follow your heart while selecting it. Check if you like wooden or wrought iron bed. If wooden, then whether you want to go with dark or light wood. Should the bed have a large or simple headboard. After solving all these thoughts buy a perfect bed.

Place the bed and see if you have a space for the bedside table or end tables. Although small, end tables and bedside tables often leave a large footprint on a room. These really give an extra touch to the entire bedroom, as you can place a lamp, flower vase or any other article of decoration on that. Also there is an option of placing a console along the side of the bed if you do not like the end table with drawers.

Next thing that you can place in your bedroom is wardrobe. Wardrobe looks elegant if you buy it according to your bed. Do not buy too bulky bedroom almirah if your bedroom space is less.

In most of the homes, TV or LCD is places in the bedroom. So if you are one of those then you have to think about decorating that area of the bedroom as well, as it demands furniture. If you are placing the LCD on the wall then below that you can simply install glass shelves that looks so elegant. Also you can place a wooden table under the LCD area.

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Third Step
Bedroom Wall Color and Wall Décor

Selecting the bedroom color is a big task that has to be done wisely. You will see many images and suggestions on bedroom color, but before selecting any color theme from the image give answer to few questions. Like Is your bedroom size is same as that shown in picture, Is your bedroom getting proper sunlight, are you buying the same color of furniture and so on. So once you are through with these go for the selection of bedroom color. For your reference you can also read our post on bedroom colors
  • Pink: For romance and joy
  • Yellow: For wisdom
  • Blue: For growth, peace and calmness
  • Orange: For power and energy
  • Purple: For faith
  • White: For Intensity
  • Green: For hope

Wall Décor

After completing the task of coloring find out articles for wall décor. One easy way is to give texture painting to one of the wall especially on the wall behind the bed.

Then you can buy a wall clock, wall murals, wall paintings, etc to decorate the wall further. But do not over do anything as less is more in the world of interior decoration.

Fourth Step
Selecting the Perfect Bedroom Furnishing
Once you are through with all the above step, here comes the turn of the most awaiting and final step that is the selection and buying of bedroom furnishing that involves bedsheet, bedcovers, pillow and pillow covers, rug or bedroom carpet and curtains.

Hope this article will help you in decorating your bedroom

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