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Window Treatment Through Blinds– Buying Guide for Window Blinds

When it comes to window treatment then blinds and shades are the first thing that comes to our minds especially during summer. Now before proceeding further on style and types of these blinds let us first quickly discover what these are.

Blinds: These are not a single piece of fabric but consist of slats which are also known as louvers. You can rotate the louvers to control the light. Also even when the blinds are completely lowered some light still comes through. 
Shades: Unlike blinds, shades are made from a single piece of material without movable slats. You can move the shade up and down.

How to decorate windows with blinds?
Type of Material for Blinds
Wood Blind: If you are looking for a change which is warm and alternative to your modern home décor then wood blind is an option for the same. To give more appeal, decorative fabric tape is also given around the wood blind. You can use these window blinds in your living room or bedroom.

Faux Wood Blinds: As the name suggests faux wood blinds are not made from real wood but from vinyl or combination of wood and vinyl and look like wood. The price of these is less than the wooden blinds but look and feel is similar to that. Also as the faux wood blinds are made from synthetic material so it is not hard to maintain these blinds. Because of such features these are extensively used in bathrooms and garages. Also these are perfect for kitchen.

Aluminum Blinds:  Next option for you while selecting the material can be aluminum. The gauge of aluminum used define the usability of the blind. For more durable blinds buy the blinds that are made from 6 or 8 gauge aluminum. If you are buying blinds for your kids room then prefer buying 8 gauge aluminum blind as these are highly durable.

Fabric : Fabric blinds are very light and quiet easy to maintain. Fabric used is first treated and then hardened. Some are even given wipe-clean version. You have variety of fabric and color to choose from. Buy fabric as per the objective of blind. Buy thick fabric if you want to block Sunlight or need extra privacy, go with colorful floral prints for decoration purposes,

Solar : A new way to block UV rays from Sun. In warm areas of the country where you need AC on regular basis, there you can use the solar blinds as these block UV rays and helps in maintaining the room temperature even without AC. That further helps in reducing your electricity bill. Solar blinds filter light in and thus allows only Sunlight without heating and UV rays. Thus you can have both comfort and look with solar blinds.

Then you can also buy the Cellular Screens and Stiffened Plastic Blinds

Types of Window Blinds

Vertical Blinds or Track Blinds
If you are looking window blinds for a large window or sliding door then opt for vertical blinds that are also known as track blinds. In this the slats are positioned vertically. Give your home a perfect interior with vertical blinds.

Roller Blinds
The most useful among all types of window blinds is the roller blind that is just perfect to be used for your office space at home or even the bedroom as these restricts the morning light. Most of the roller blinds are made from plastic

Roman Blinds
Roman blinds are quiet similar to roller blinds as these can also be moved up and down.

Venetian Blinds
In venetian blinds, horizontal slats are given one above each other.The hanging slats are suspended by a chord or strips of cloth and can be rotated to nearly 180 degrees to allow in light as required. As the slats can be closed completely, they are perfect for use in bathrooms and washrooms. Venetian blind are available in a variety of materials such as metal, wood, plastic and more. Venetian blinds are ideal for those who are looking for stylish and effective window coverings.
Woven Wood Blinds: To make woven wood blinds bamboo and other natural material is used. This material is weaved and does eliminate all the natural light from entering the room.

More Options
Blinds come as routless (without holes), cordless, cord loop, cloth tapes and as motorized.

Routed Blind: it has hole in each blind slat to pass the lift cord.

Routless Blind or No hole blind: There is no hole in each of the slat which means that these types of blinds provide more privacy and light blockage.  If you are looking for blinds for your kids room then prefer the routed blinds than routless blinds for window treatment.

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