Monday, October 8, 2012

How to organize your closet: Do it yourself Scarf/Necklace holder

Closet is a place where a woman spends a lot of her time. That includes more time staring at the clothes and deciding what to wear and less time organizing it. Sometimes you would overlook a piece of cloth lying at the end of the pile with the simple rule “out of sight~ out of mind”. So give your clothes a breakout so every piece in your closet gets a chance to be used.
Organizing a closet is not heck of a job. How you organize your closet will totally depends upon the availability of space, amount of stuff you have and your lifestyle.

In this article we’ll be providing a solution for hanging your scarves or necklaces at a better visible place. There are many scarf hangers available in the market. But we would be focusing on making our own with simple materials available.

For making a scarf hanger you will need:

1.      A sturdy Cloth hanger : Pick up an unused sturdy cloth hanger. I would prefer taking a velvet no slip hanger so that the rings won’t slip in with each other.

2.      Shower curtain rings: Pick a bunch of shower curtain rings. The number of rings depends how many scarves or pieces of necklaces you have. Also you would not like to clutter everything on one hanger. So use 2 or more hangers for more stuff. You can pick the shape, style, color of the curtain rings depending upon your taste. We used the clear ones.

Now clip on the curtain rings on the hanger rod and your scarf/ necklace hanger is ready.

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