Monday, October 1, 2012

Decorate your Bedroom : The PINK way

Pink colors for the room varies from pastel pinks to the brightest fuchsias. Pink color was used to be associated with little girls only but now a days people are bringing pink color to their bedrooms which makes its elegant, sophisticated and romantic. A pastel pink color could add a serene to your bedroom where as fuchsia pink can create an element of surprise to your bedroom. If you are planning to use a pink color theme for your bedroom, then you have to have all the details beforehand so that you don’t end up with mismatched assortment of pink shades. There are many ways to decorate a bedroom with pink color.

Pink on walls: First of all if you have decided to paint your bedroom walls pink. Pick up the color swatches in pink and choose the right color tones that will go on walls. In case you do not want to color the walls in pink then read below.

Pink Color Combinations
Pink color goes well with many colors such as white, pale yellow, brown, green and blue

Pink with Black: Fuchsia color combined with black and white creates a very modern and contemporary looking bedroom. Bright pink painted walls gives a definition to the room.

                                                    Image source: HGTV

Pink with white: Pale pink used with white can bring serenity and elegance to a room. It makes the room very romantic.

Pink with Yellow

                                                   Image Source:

Pink with Blue
                                                        Image Source:

Pink with Red
                                                                Image Source:

Pink with Green
                                                                       Image Source:
If you do not want pink to overpower the bedroom and yet you want to use this color then go with dusky pink. Use lots of white with it to give a fresh and smart look.

Accessorize with Pink: It’s not always necessary to paint the walls pink to have a pink bedroom. You can accessorize the neutral bedroom using pink curtains, pink bed sheets, pink area rug to give a neutral painted bedroom a tint of pink color.You can decorate with bright pink accents and accessories such as throw pillows, candleholders and side chairs that add charm and class to a simple space, which adds energy to a dull neutral room.

Significance of Pink Color Bedroom
Colors inspires us and set an atmosphere in room or at home. As per Vastu pink color is related to happiness, joy and romance. Also pink is considered as the most auspicious color. So the walls of the master bedroom can have pink color. Also according to Vastu, if your room is located in the South or South east corner then it should be painted in pink color.

Feng Shui
As per Feng Shui if you love certain colors then it is an excellent idea to surround yourself with that color. But also there are certain rules for picking Feng Shui color for bedroom. First of all the bedroom color should bring in the strong positive energy to relax.  Red, pink and purple colors are recommended for bedroom.

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